Vision 3: Design, Make, Create


Design, Make, Create. Design, Make, Create. Design, Make, Create. Words that echo amongst our family day after day. This echo gets louder and louder and it cannot be put out. Clothing, isn't just clothing for us, it is a canvas and a medium that allows us to communicate a message. People have passions and whether that be art, photography, sport, or anything else, you can only get the best result when your work is concurrent with your passion. Modest, fashion forward clothing is our passion.

We are students of the game, we live and breathe fashion. We do not follow H&M, Zara and other entry level fashion as they are in essence a watered down version of High Fashion, the likes of Saint Laurent Paris, Lemaire, Lanvin and numerous additional luxury fashion houses. Not only are they watered down but the conditions and ethics behind each business is of concern to us. Stephan Schneider is one designer that resonates the most with our desire to create timeless, sophisticated garments with quality that lasts the test of time. Stephan Schneider is based out of Antwerp, Belgium and not only does he design his collections, but he manufactures his own textiles and is a true visionary in every sense of the word. We are inspired by every move he makes and eagerly improve to be better collection after collection.


Family, friends, associates and advisors have asked us countless times why we insist on creating our garments in Montréal. It is more strenuous, difficult, taxing and expensive, but we cannot have it any other way. We must control every aspect of our garments in order to stay authentic and design pieces we are proud of and wear every day. From step A to Z, we control every detail that is imbedded into the garment our clients wear. 

An average day for us at Mode-ste starts with the most enjoyable step, that is to go out fabric shopping and hunting to secure the very best fabrics and textiles we can find in our beautiful country Canada. We sift through hundreds and hundreds of fabrics until we find just the right touch, feel, colour and depth particular to our vision for each piece we create.

Once our fabric is procured we just let it sit, and we wait until our minds can find the best way to utilize the hand picked fabric. We base our designs around the fabric, where the fabric is our foundation and root for every next move we make. Once we're pleased with the aesthetic, colour, touch, feel and texture we sketch out and start our first design step that leads into the custom pattern we make based on the design and fabric that will work together.

Trial period comes next. The pattern is laid upon our fabric, cut by hand, and sewed together by Mom, our head tailor. We do fittings, washings, and visual inspection countless times until we are satisfied with the pattern design. If it doesn't work, the fitting is wonky or any other issue arises we will create additional iterations until it's absolutely perfect. There is just an incredible joy that comes with leading each and every step. From initial fabric hunting, to the final fitting, there is only one more step that brings us greater satisfaction.

The greatest satisfaction of all is our clients. The last step, which is indeed the most satisfying is seeing our beautiful clients walk away happy and satisfied with their piece. The culmination of all our steps into this final point, is really something we can't describe. The joy we get in providing clothing that is modest, fashion forward, and down to the core Canadian made, is a blessing we can't thank God enough for.  

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