Mode-ste is a Canadian based Designer Clothing Line established in the heart of Montréal in 2012. Aicha C., our lead designer, was seeking fashion forward attires that were timeless and most importantly applicable to her beliefs. At Mode-ste we love the concept of proper clothing mixed with a chic twist and this has allowed us to stay both fashion forward and modest, and not exclusively one. Since 2012 our brand has grown exponentially and to keep up with our clients we have expanded with our Online Store and three Brick and Mortar locations in Toronto, Montréal and Edmonton.


Mode-ste is a Fashion Line for a discerning clientele, that values quality, passion and thought out design. All of Mode-ste's pieces are produced by hand with extreme care while encompassing years of passion, research and dedication to craft. With specially hand picked materials, our line is designed to maintain modest perspectives while exploring and perfecting today’s trends. At Mode-ste we are on a journey to capture the minds of our peers and re-focus on quality, passion and thought out design through our mediums of Fashion and Lifestyle.

"Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother"

I love my mom. She is the most beautiful, loving, caring, brave and modest woman I know. Living through a genocide, immigrating to Canada during a war, converting to Islam on her own as a fifteen year old, raising me and my brothers, feeding us, cleaning us, patiently enduring our wrongdoings, honouring and respecting my father's dignity, working endlessly to provide for our family and most of all loving and guiding us to the straight path has carved her into the most inspirational character that has ever been a part of my life story. I could go on for pages, in fact I have a burning desire to do so, simply because no words or actions of mine will ever do her justice, but I will sum up my experience with my mother as one of the greatest gifts Allah (s.w.t) has ever provided me.

Allah (s.w.t) is the greatest and He has blessed my mother and I with gifts that we can never, ever repay Him for. One of those countless gifts is Mode-ste. 

My mother has been sewing almost all of her life, literally 30 years. I still remember waking up every morning at Fajr, just to see her leave the home at the break of dawn to work too many hours on unforgiving and rough items. She worked extreme hours and worked on hard materials to provide and assist my father in running our family to the best of their abilities. This may not sound like its related but when I was a baby my mother would make me my own custom clothing and sisters in the community would always ask her where she bought her baby's clothing. She would always tell them she made it with her own hands and this led to countless orders when I was just a child. With no business experience she decided to put her clothing on hold and pursue sewing, tailoring and haute couture with small brands and factories throughout Montréal. This was all until three years ago when I had a pressing issue myself. I could either find very fashionable clothing that was immodest, or I could find modest clothing that wasn't to my taste or had less than satisfactory quality.

I decided that I could use my mother's amazing experience to create what we feel to be the most fashionable and modest clothing, with the best of quality. We are tired of fast fashion, uninspired design and poor quality. We strive to create clothing that is Modest, Relevant, and made with premium fabrics sourced from some of the best and oldest factories in North America. We are disheartened with fast fashion items that looked good today, and shrunk, deformed or stretched tomorrow. The clients of today are smarter, more savvy and we will meet them to provide what they are really looking for: Quality, Handmade, High-end pieces, collection after collection.

Designer and CEO, Aicha C.